I hope you are enjoying your time while opening your Calendar.

And nooow, TGIF! TGIF! (aah, I think I enjoy this too much :) ) The-Great-Incredible-Friday product is heeere: *tadaaa!*

The Coolest Eco-Nativity Set for your house is now available at MoWIK!

I wanted to create a nativity set to decorate your desk at work or that small spot you have dedicated for Christmas. It’s modern to adapt minimalist decor styles. If you are “like me”, traveling into New Adventures (or just visiting your family far away) the Eco-Nativity Set is perfect to take with you.

Mowik’s Nativity Set is the tradition you were expecting for small places!

The best of all is that it works so good with any decoration, it’s fun to create and easy to storage, reuse or recycle.

Do not miss out, this is what you were expecting this weekend!

Click to the shop and get the nativity set, all for you to share!

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