Black Colored Friday with the Fabulous Set of Nesting Winter Boxes!

Friday! Thanksgiving weekend, the last day of the week, the last Friday of the month and so many reasons to celebrate!! We want to be part of that celebration, so we have for you The-Great-Incredible-Friday Product!!

The set of 4 Nesting Winter Boxes is now available at Mowik’s shop. There are 6 different designs to choose from:

Mr. Santa Claus, Elfie Toffeeflakes, Frosty Glittersnow, Jingle Penguin, Tree Tinselbells and Jollycrystals City.

The boxes looks amazing as a decoration for kids bedrooms or any room that needs some “Winter” sparkle.

The 6 designs also works as special gift wrappings. You can use them individually or you can save the gift in the smallest box and then insert them into another until you reach the biggest; that will bring a lot of fun and smiles to the gift receiver.

We have each design on 2 conveniently paper size versions: A3 -most suitable for European printers- and Tabloid -most suitable for USA, Canada and Mexico-.

If you want, you can include some of the Nesting Winter Boxes to your Advent Calendar and mix the different sizes, it will look fantastic!

Another idea can be to use the biggest Nesting Winter Box for your last day of the Advent Calendar (the 24th of December).

As always, MoWIK wants to create products you enjoy and that allows you to be inspired every day. But most importantly, sustainable ideas for the preservation of our environment. By using paper products, we ensure that the Christmas decorations can be recycled and if you save them for next year, they will not take a lot of space in your storage :)


Have a wonderful weekend!

– Get Inspired by Mowik.

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