At MoWIK we want to create products that you enjoy and that you can use in many situations. Allow your own creativity to lead you and make a decorative element that represents you.

For that, we have exactly what you need: Inspiration!

If you have downloaded your Advent Calendar, good for you! You are awesome and you know it! ;). Now that you have it home, you might actually think: “hmm, I have my calendar, but these boxes are too cute to have around laying here just for me… what else can I do…?”

Take a look at the following list of incredible ideas we have for you:

  1. Use the boxes to hang from your Christmas Tree.
    Give a new style to your decoration.
  2. Add candies and use it in your office Secret-Santa.
    Be the one with the original wrapping.
  3. Use it as a gift wrapping to give something to your friends.
    You don’t have to buy last minute paper, just use your boxy’s.
  4. Decorate your kids room.
    Place them on a shelf or on their window, make it look like Christmas. They’ll love it!
  5. Make a table centrepiece with them.
    Arrange centrepieces that will match your Christmas tree decoration ;)
  6. Create a garland to decorate windows and doors.
    The boxy’s will be looking cute as they are “hanging there” for the season.
  7. Hang it on the rear mirror from your car.
    For this cold morning days, it works as a nice reminder of the season and of your cozy home.
  8. If you are a teacher, you can have your kids do this as an activity.
    Maybe you can give them a small surprise inside each boxy before the school break.

Let the ideas come to you and stay creative!

I will have available for you the Set of Nesting Boxes in 4 different sizes. Find them on Friday at our Shop!! TGIF: The Great-Incredible-Friday Product!! :)

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