Good Monday!

Thank you so much to all of you who has brought life to The Amazing·Advent·Calendar! Each box-y has been made with love, sparkles and smiles so I’m sure they will look awesome in all of the spaces you place them.

As you know, the most popular tradition with the Advent Calendar is to have gifts for each day. But I have some other creative ideas that will make it different and will support your Eco-Christmas :)

>> The Activity Calendar
For each day, write an activity that allow you to spend a very nice time with the ones you are sharing the calendar such as family or friends. I made this one last year and we loved it!; from decorating the house, visiting the lights in the city, watch a Christmas movie. Sometimes we even made 2 activities just for the fun of doing it again! (specially the one that says: make cookies ;) )

>> The Goodwill Calendarpost-image-square-advent-calendar-making-by-mowik-450px
Describe a nice action each day to give away smiles and a good time for those who are in need. Spend the evening with elder people, buy a toy to the kids who are less fortunate, pay a dinner to someone who is having rough times. I’m sure you can come up with many other ideas to give this season the most important meaning: a good, warm and happy time.

>> The Inspirational Calendar
What about inspirational quotes? A beautiful thought for your loved ones that will stick with them for the rest of the day. It’s very strengthening to have words that will empower your day. After you read your inspirational quote, you can use the magnets from your refrigerator to display them.

>> The Funny Quotes Calendar
Make your teenagers smile with funny holiday phrases. I’m sure there is always someone in the family that can have fun and be surprised if you can come up with something funny to start their day. Make them smile writing something as “I am only a morning person on December 25th”.

>> The Biblical Calendar
Use beautiful bible verses and reaffirm the importance of Christmas time with your family. It is not only a nice season, it is a very important one, so give it the right focus.

>> The Gratitude Calendar
This is one of the most important ideas to share with you. This season is about being grateful, sharing with others, feel compassion for our neighbours. Make a list of the things you and your family are thankful for, read the thoughts with them as you open each day your calendar. It will make a good feeling to be reminded of the things we take for granted.

If you are interested, I can share a list of ideas to do each of these calendars. Let me know on the comments below or share a comment in our Facebook :)

There is a video on our website about how to shop our product online (yes, it is free but I still like to call it “shopping” ;) ).

Now, I have a video for you to show you how easy is to make your Advent Calendar. If you still don’t have it, get it here: Download the Christmas Advent Calendar by MoWIK. If you have it, let’s get ready for it!! Share your Calendars in our Facebook page or tag us in Instagram :)

(The dance was completely the box-y’s idea… I couldn’t say no hihi)

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