Hi there! Is it me, or do you also think this month is trying to run as fast as possible?? Wow! November 19th already, wait for me!

The closer we get to December, we are getting more and more ready for the eating Christmas spirit.

From all the seasons to decorate I really enjoy Christmas the most. I couldn’t choose a favorite thing about it; it’s everything: the lights, the tree, the small details around the house and the new ideas coming up every year.

o-christmas-tree-post-image2However if I must choose the least fun part of decorating for Christmas, it would be the placing of lights on the Christmas tree. It has it’s magic, but by the time I finished, I’m too tired to do the rest.

I remember when I was a little girl, we used the same lights for years and they had these spikes around each light, making them stick to everything and when you touched them they were so sharp! haha. I also remember that sometimes, half of the lights were off so you had to check all of them, one by one, until you find the problematic “loose” one to put it on the right place.

But let me tell you, placing the lights on the tree is not as boring as taking them away after… meh! that is not fun at-all!

Have yourself an Eco-Christmas

I believe we have to develop a better understanding of the Christmas season ahead of us. We have to spend our time, money and effort more consciously when getting things for decoration. I recommend reusing accessories and ornaments from previous years and maybe sell/giveaway/borrow those things you do not need to possess yourself.

Reused elements will give you and your family connected memories to the past and a vintage touch that will never go out of style. We tend to forget that all the new items we buy contain many things that quickly turn into trash, with all the packaging they have, the plastic bags, the receipts; and of course the waste generated from the time spent making, transporting and selling them.

I only ask of you to consider being more conscious in your choices for a sustainable environment, and why don’t you decorate this Christmas with materials that will have the least impact on our Mother Nature? ;)

OK. So I think it’s time for my second clue for the upcoming gift *suspense*. I told you before that it’s something you can use, give and share. I will also add that it’s awesome; it can be applied to numerous usages and is specially made to give a modern touch to a classic activity during the season.

Also, of course, it has lots of friendliness to the environment.

There! No idea yet? The waiting is almost over, so do not despair, just wait a little bit longer! :) To be first to get it for free, just subscribe to our newsletter.

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Christmas trees made of recycled paper and fabric.

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