It’s Friday and its looking good. MoWIK here with some big news for you!

Today is a good day, right? … aah, I think is a good day to do some planning for the weekend, a good day to eat some cake, a good day to feel inspired, and a good day for my giveaway gift! Yes!! the gift you have been waiting, something that will keep you smiling :)

I told you in previous entries that it’s something you can use, give and share. It’s awesome. It can be applied to numerous usages and is specially made to give a modern touch to a classic activity during the season. Aaand it has lots of friendliness to the environment.

To all of you who have subscribed, thank you! You are awesome and you know it… Now, let me tell you: you’ve got an e-mail ;)

And so, everyone, here it is!! … The brand new, Creative · Incredible · Ecodesign for your holidays!


The Amazing·Advent·Calendar from MoWIK. It’s beautiful and super easy to assemble, yay!

The Advent Calendar is a fun Christmas tradition inspired to countdown the days of December until Christmas Eve. It has been used in other parts of the world since the year 1851, when the first handmade advent calendar was created. The name comes from the latin origin that means “coming toward” and it has been primarily used to await the birth of Jesus.

Advent Calendar from MoWIK. Includes 6 box motives that you can mix as you want to make 24 boxes.There are many new ideas and concepts added to the tradition. The most popular is to have 24 boxes that hides a small text, candy or gift inside; each box is to be opened each day and the person who does, gets the treasure.

The MoWIK Advent Calendar has for you 6 lovely box designs that you can print 4 times each, or select the designs you like the best and print them for a total of 24 boxes.

You can also print only 6 boxes and add 4 numbers to each box. This idea requires you to replace a new gift as the boxes goes empty. Although it requires more participation from you, it is also a more environmental friendly way to use the calendar :)

So there you have it! Go to our shop to get your Mowik Advent Calendar and prepare yourself and your family to start the most fun and wonderful countdown to Christmas!

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