Welcome September!

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Hellooo! So nice to see you here :)

First of all, I want to send a BIG thank you to everyone who has been sending me messages and emails asking when will MoWIK be coming “back to business“.

Now, I know I have been away for a while – I have a very good reason, trust me ☺ – and I can share with you that what it looks like a very “quiet” time, has actually been weeks and weeks of movement, rushing ideas, playing concepts and going colorful-happy-excited crazy!

The good news is that MoWIK is currently ON! You can find our product variety in the store! All the designs are still available to download and to spark your imagination.

I looove digital products! You see, when you download products from MoWIK’s shop:

  • You create something awesome with your personal touch and don’t generate packaging waste.
  • Because you can download it straight to your computer, there is no consumption on fuel or shipping waste.
  • You can share it, reuse it and recycle it.
  • The product becomes an important source of inspiration for your daily life. (yay!)
  • It links us together as a community: You, Me and MoWIK are connected anytime, anywhere.

To celebrate the beginning of this month (September! wohoo!!) the Pop! Cards available in store are half price! Oh yeah! Get them here and create a lovely surprise to someone special in your life.

If you like scrapbooking or have any birthday or anniversary coming up, get the Pop! Cards and give another person a very unique gift that will be personal, fun and sustainable ;)

Add it to your cart and use the code: PROMOHALF to get half price discount.

I have been working on a fantastic New Era for MoWIK that will make you smile and enjoy more sustainable designs.

As you know, MoWIK’s mission is offer you Creative, Incredible EcoDesign products that can surround your life. MoWIK is the result of my passion for Design, using environmental friendly alternatives and creating amazing experiences for you.

So the New Era is almost here and I can tell you is coming with a full amount of surprises.

Now, before you go to the shop to purchase your Pop! Cards, I remind you to Subscribe to my Newsletter because the New MoWIK will bring fabulous offers to those who are part of the VIP club ;)

See you soon!

– Get inspired by MoWIK

Hilda M.

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