Hello beautiful people!!

I know you are probably saying: Wait? What?! Is she back! and YES! I am! :)

MoWIK has been taking some beauty sleep the last couple of months, while I have been taking my baggage to experience new places.

I am at the moment living in London, experiencing not only a beautiful dream that has became true. I am also learning and pumping MoWIK’s heart with lots of creativity and inspiration.

Many things has been happening since the first spark of MoWIK was lighted. Many roads has been taken and many paths and challenges has been part of it.

Ideas, words, colors and everything has been involved in the creation of a dream. People, feelings, shapes and even continents have given a spiced touch to what MoWIK is.

Today, as MoWIK prepares it’s return with NEW and exciting things for you, I want to take the time to THANK YOU. Not only for reading this few lines, but for following this dream, the results of my passion, my feelings, my dreams, the colors, ideas and concepts; I’M MoWIK. And so are you!

Soon there’ll be more information about the new era of MoWIK.

But for now, I really want to say: Thank you! :)

– Get inspired by MoWIK. I’MoWIK.

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