is a world made with inspirational products, beautifully designed elements and the constant creation of ideas for a better environment

Who am I?


Passionate and limitless ecodesign.


My products are always aligned with your surroundings.


Designs are built with sustainability in mind.


Sharing is believing and I believe in my creations.

MoWIK was brought into existence from passion, vivid colours and my needs to pursue our limitless and incredible future of ecological design.

MoWIK’s vision is to create a path where sustainable design becomes your preferred choice in life. My focus is to create interesting and amazing products while using materials and processes with the least possible impact or environmental footprint.

MoWIK is about design, beauty, trends, passion, love, trips, cultures and more. It’s about feeling good, being better, braver and compassionate for another.

MoWIK envisions your lifestyle to contribute and complement a better future ahead of us, for all of us.

Surround your life with playful and creative designs. Get inspired by MoWIK.

How can you be so awesome?

I want to participate towards a better world, while having fun at the same time as taking care of our surroundings.

I create products that gives me joy, excitement, happiness and I make sure they are designed in the most sustainable way.

Live with passion and GO MoWIK!

Hilda Mowik

Hilda Mowik

CEO & Founder

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